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Bring your dreams and fantasies to life, create a custom piece inspired by your imagination,
unique, made especially for you

Custom made
Photo by Fanny Miggiano

If you’re looking for artists of extraordinary talent for your custom project then look no further.
Danny Caran is passionate about everything she does and helps all of her clients succeed in getting their message across visually.
In a day where images matter most, having the right artist to convey your story is crucial.
Danny is eager to work with all those interested in bringing their dreams and fantasies to life.
She has experience with many different genres and is most passionate about bringing the art of desire to life.
There is no project too big or small for Danny’s special touch. Don’t hesitate to connect with Danny.


Customer Testimonials

“Danny is an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been working with her for several years and every project has exceeded my expectations.
Even though we speak different languages, she always understands exactly what I need and brings it to graphic quickly.
She has a special ability to bring my visions to life and still incorporate a very unique and special stamp.”
Crystal Bichalski - owner Crystal B. Astrology

“Danny’s work has the most perfect balance! Modern, chic, fashionable, different.
Adjustable in so many different fields maintaining her own identity
in most erotic, sensuous creativ way!”
Smart Magna International

“Absolutely amazing piece of work! You can see the delicate details and really is a stunning piece to look at.
This artwork really captures the essence of my mother in law in a way that she may have never imagined.
I will have to let you know what she thinks. Thanks again for sharing your talent.”
Melissa White

“Beautiful. Danny is fantastic artist, the quality of her art complimented by the quality of the paper she uses.
I have already commissioned a special order. And the shipping was really fast, even though I live in Australia.
I highly recommend Danny. :-)”
Lili Scutts

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