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“My Intention Is To Enhance The Beauty
Of A Sensual And Wonderful World”

Danny’s art is influenced by glamour and a free-spirited lifestyle. Her expressionism has also changed through time.
Many of her current works are full of sensuality and a mysterious eroticism.
Her provocative figures show desire and seduction through playing surprising and capricious erotic games.
She has an unprecedented way of bringing the elements of human desire and passion alive on canvas.

“Most of my work has a personal element that visually coincides with a sophisticated aesthetic.
It can be open to many different levels of interpretation. I believe that all my artwork is born through very personal experiences.
Drawing is like solving a problem. At every moment throughout each phase,
I am constantly seeking the right visual solution.”

Many of her characters wear mysterious masks which stem back to the Venetian times of erotic promiscuity.
Her magical, sensual and erotic mixture of characters will ignite feelings of passion and desire in any spectator.

"I create an imaginary reality around the characters, my intention is to enhance the beauty
of a sensual and wonderful world where every touch,
every caress, every pinprick... seems multiplied by a thousand."

Buried feelings of fantasy and desire come alive when Danny’s erotic art is seen. The kiss and the whip, the compliment and humiliation, the caress,
the provocation, stimulation, awareness of oneself and one's body as well as buried feelings all awaken inside the mind’s eye.
Danny brings fantasies and desires that are never revealed to life.

The Art Collection Erotique Edition comes with a numbered certificate
of authenticity signed by Danny Caran, guaranteeing the exclusivity
of the piece as a work of art you own.

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For Erotic Art Lovers and Adult Viewers Only
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